Alice’s War

Coming soon! July 7, 2023

Weymouth, England 1939

Recently widowed, Alice is at long last free from the expectations set for a district judge’s wife and can pursue her own path—to follow and illustrate the birds of England’s rugged South Coast. That is, until war intervenes, placing her two grandchildren in her care.

War changes everything. For grandson Martin, coming of age under the cloud of World War II. For Sonja, the Jewish refugee he’s drawn to, who left her family in Germany only to face new dangers in England. And for Martin’s friend, Ellis, facing a war similar to the one that drove his father to alcoholism.

Alice must revisit the tragedies she faced as a mother, as she navigates personal aspiration, loss, and the importance of family. Martin’s experiences as part of the liberation of Europe force him to reevaluate his assumptions about the world and its capacity to provide both deep hatred and enduring kindness.

Set in the town of Weymouth against the grand backdrop of England’s South Coast, Alice’s War is the story of ordinary people facing fear and loss, families torn apart, and from the remains, the forging of new families.



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