The Risk in Crossing Borders

North Street Book Prize 2020—Semifinalist (Winning Writers)

“borders… of family, gender, culture, race, religion, routine and romance. All are revealed with poignancy and perception”—Washington North Coast Magazine

“an eye opener… a powerful message for our times.”—My Edmonds News

“will keep readers engaged from beginning to end.”—Underrated Reads

At age 54, Yana Pickering is comfortably and firmly rooted in Seattle.  On the other side of the world, Elias is neither comfortable nor rooted.  His once-secure life as head of surgery at a major Aleppo hospital has been destroyed by the Syrian conflict.  Now he’s on a desperate quest to locate his son and daughter—all that’s left of his family.

The thread that draws these two together forms an engrossing story that spans Seattle, Beirut, Syria, and France. Yana finds herself on a personal journey of new borders—from refugees crossing countries in search of safety, to a young woman facing risks in crossing the transgender border.  Ultimately, Yana must decide what she values most, and which borders she is willing to cross, decisions that will profoundly shape her future.

With humor and kindness, The Risk in Crossing Borders pulls the reader into the complex lives and harrowing experiences of those who stand up for the things in life that matter.

Skyline illustrations: Michael Tompsett

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