Paperback and Ebook now available!

At age 54, Yana Pickering is comfortably and firmly rooted in Seattle.  On the other side of the world, Elias is neither comfortable nor rooted.  His once-secure life as head of surgery at a major Aleppo hospital has been destroyed by the Syrian conflict.  Now he’s on a desperate quest to locate his son andContinue reading “Paperback and Ebook now available!”

Sterile gardens are out—Changing our perception of gardens

One of the few positives from the COVID lockdown is that we are spending more time in our gardens. However, I cringe each time I walk past an immaculate garden where the shrubs and trees are surrounded by bare soil—not a fallen leaf or twig in sight. Why should we expect gardens to look flatContinue reading “Sterile gardens are out—Changing our perception of gardens”